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Local navigation refers to being aware of the local hazzards to navigation. Please consult your charts and be careful when you are out there.

Any information on this site is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranties. In no event shall the owner of this site be held accountable, either directly or indirectly.


An excellent of source of information for all marine issues in the USCG. San Diego is within the Coast Guard's Eleventh Distict Local, so contact them with your questions. You may also find information in the local Notice to Mariners.


Near Point Loma

Kelp beds - There is a great deal of kelp near the point - as soon as you get outside the marked channel. You have to go to sea at least a couple miles to get clear of it. Kelp grows in shallower water, so after 120 ft you are mostly ok. The problem with it is that it can get caught in the water intakes blocking them and causing the engine to overheat.

Breakers - A good surfing spot but as boaters you should stay clear of the point. You can see the waves breaking form a distance away.

Zuniga Jetty - It is a partially submerged jetty running parallel to the channel for a length of about 2 miles - it is faily well marked. The issue with is it that during high tide it is mostly covered, so people try to run over the top of it - this usually does not work. There are boats run aground there all the time.


Shelter Island

There are shoaling waters near the entrance to Shelter Island, in front of the Bali Hai Restaurant. It is marked with a large cement post and sign, so remember to follow the marked channel. Often boats will try to cut the corner and get stuck in the sand. Sailboat have to be especially careful because of the larger draft.

There is a shoal just west of the Coronado Ferry Landing and east of the carrier basin on the Coronado side of the bay.
There is a shoal is just at the first dog leg heading south to Chula Vista and the entrance to the Sweetwater Channel. There are shoal signs, but not that visible. With that whole dog leg to Chula Vista be sure to stay in the channel if you have any kind of draft.

Another shoal is between the #1 green buoy and the amphibious base southeast at the entrance to Glorietta Bay. Just stay in the channel here as it gets shallow quickly.