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Anchorages in San Diego and Mission Bay are great places to spend a few hours or a few days. All have some type of limits and many require a permit although there is no cost to anchor.



The police dock has 22 slips available on a first come/first serve basis - you have to be on the police "long dock" with your vessel and registration in order to obtain a slip. It is recommended that you call ahead to see if there are slips available. The slips are located on the southern end of Shelter Island at the entrance to the Shelter Island Yacht Harbor.

Slips are $10 a day for first 5 days, $20 a day a day for second 5 days. Vessels 55 feet or greater in length shall pay a double fee. No major repairs or maintenance shall be performed at this facility.


San Diego Bay Anchorages

LA PLAYA COVE (A-1), Shelter Island

The La Playa Cove anchorage can hold up to 25 boats and is available only on the weekends. It is located in the stretch of water bwtween the Southwest Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club. Because of the hundred of yachts in the area you will need to obtain a permit to anchor there. Contact the Harbor Police.

GLORIETTA BAY (A-5), Coronado ? permit

This is a great anchorage, you will love it. Anchor in the marked anchorage area just around the corner - near the golf course. Do not anchor in the channel. You can stay here for up to 72 hours. A permit is required. and is monitored by the Harbor Police.

The anchorage can hold up to 20 boats and is very clam and flat. When entering Glorietta Bay be sure to stay in the channel. Outside the marked channel is very shallow and you could easily run aground.

SOUTH BAY ANCHORAGE (A-8), National City

This anchorage located near the 24th Street Marine Terminal is closing. Most of the boat anchored there have moved. The port has been trying to close this anchorage for years.


CONVAIR LAGOON (A-9), Harbor Island

This is known as the "Cruisers Anchorage" as in order to anchor here you must prove non residency. Because of this you must obtain the permits in person. Permits are for durations of 30 days at a time and not to exceed 90 days per year. It is located east of Harbor Island, next to the Coast Guard Station.



This is outside the bay and you could have issues if a south swell. It requires no permission to anchor here. It is a favorite of locals to get away from it all. It is located east of Zuniga Jetty near North Island.


Mission Bay - Anchorages



You can anchor up to 72 hours in Mariners Basin. The anchorage has great protection from all weather and landing on the beach is allowed. You are very close to various businesses as well as Belmont Park. For more information call (619) 221-8800 or use VHF 16 to reach the Life Guards.